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We scout for & screen innovators, entrepreneurs & next-gen change makers from the grassroots through diversified outreach programmes


We nurture innovators & entrepreneurs at Fie_Labs within our potent ecosystem that has all the resources they need to develop their innovations into sustainable solutions.


We take the sustainable solutions developed at Fie_Labs by our innovators & entrepreneurs to the market through networking forums, demo-days & direct market linkages


We fuel growth of the commercialized solutions developed & nurtured at Fie_Labs through provision of business development support and linkages to strategic partners & investors .

What we offer.

We work with you, Not for you
Accelerator & Incubator
Coders Academy
Coding Bootcamps
Community Empowering Projects
Business Consulting
Tech Consulting

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We're more than a digital agency

Fie_Labs is an innovation and entrepreneurship hub that identifies & nurtures next-gen innovators, entrepreneurs & creative problem solvers.

We are the Silicon Highlands Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

What we do

We identify, incubate, showcase and scale innovative solutions that tackle pressing social-economic challenges within our communities..

Our Vision

To be the ultimate source of disruptive innovations that help Africa overcome its current social-economic challenges and leapfrog into the 5th industrial revolution..

Our Mission

To identify and nurture next-gen innovators, entrepreneurs & creative problem solvers from Africa.

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We love working with like-minded organizations to create synergy and build a thriving innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem across Africa. Would you like to work with us?

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