Meet the Fie_Labs Agri-Incubation Programme (FAIP) 2021 Cohort

Fie-Labs Agri-Incubator Programme 2021 (FAIP 2021) is a 12 weeks program of intensive business incubation programme focused on business development, mentorship, creation of strategic partnerships & funding facilitation for the participating start-ups.

The program is structured into 12 modules spread across 12 weeks. Throughout the programme, the selected startups will engage in 10% classwork; and 90% practical assignments in real market and business environment. The goal is to support the start-ups to apply the specific elements of enterprise development learnt in each particular module every week.

We are excited to kick off the program and welcome the following participating startups in our FAIP 2021 Cohort:

Shamba Nexus

Founder – Faith Okong’o

Shamba Nexus is a private limited company in Nairobi that bridges the supply chain gap between farmers and consumers by connecting them through a market place for agricultural goods in the form of a simple web and mobile based e-commerce platform. Shamba Nexus eliminates middlemen, uncertainties and delays in the supply chain, guaranteeing a market with high margins to farmers and reliable & timely delivery of products to consumers.

The company targets businesses or individuals that rely on agricultural produce such as small and large scale farmers, farmer groups and cooperatives, individual consumers, and companies relying on agricultural produce such as food processing companies, learning institutions and hospitals. Shamba Nexus is aligned with the sustainable development goals on zero hunger and no poverty by the United nations.

Sio Valley Technologies

Founder – Jean Paul Nageri

Sio Valley Technologies is a company located in Kampala Uganda that uses extracts from fruit and vegetable peels to create an edible coating solution known as the Jeanius Peel which is sprayed on fruits and vegetables, protecting them from drying and rotting at room temperature.

With the solution, farmers are able to avoid harvesting their produce before they are fully ready, thus ensuring they supply the markets with high quality produce. To the consumer, the solution has an added benefit of extended shelf life saving them from expenditures on refrigeration or chemical preservatives. Less food is loss throughout the supply chain, thanks to this solution.

Boka Feeds

Founder – Sarah Onchangu

Boka Feeds is a youth owned company that supplies farmers with animal feeds which reliably increase their production of milk, beef, eggs and chicken meat. The company was incorporated in 2018, with the aim of promoting a healthy and economically stable community after identifying challenges that farmers were facing in getting quality animal feeds. The feeds are made from raw materials sourced locally, which are affordable.

Located in Nyacheki market Kisii County, Boka feeds now serves farmers across western Kenya with a population of over 500,000 farmers and is looking to expand across the country and into East Africa.

Crodas Bakers

Founder – Asenath Kerubo

Crodas Bakers is a startup that bakes and sells cakes and cookies for celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, wedding. Located in Migori, the startup has differentiated itself from the rest by incorporating orange fleshed sweet potatoes (OFSP) as an ingredient in its cakes to boost their nutritive content, upon an agreement with its willing customers. The orange fleshed sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A which promotes good eyesight and supports a healthy immune system. Crodas Bakers provides value addition in the production of the orange fleshed sweet potatoes which are readily available in its community.

Boka Banana Jam

Founder – Janet Onchangu

Boka Banana Jam is a value addition startup founded in 2020, to help farmers reduce post-harvest loss of bananas making it easy to store and transport the fruit without going bad. Located in Nyacheki market Kisii county, the startup produces jam from bananas for bread and as a health snack. Banana jam is rich in potassium which reduces blood pressure and can be used as a cheaper potassium supplement for the elderly to strengthen their bones. The startup is looking to positively impact women in rural western Kenya through increased income levels and better value for their banana produce.

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